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Your trusted legal partner
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Our Services

Our Services

Contracts & Documents Drafting

  • Confidentiality / Non-disclosure Agreements (CDAs / NDAs)

  • Letters of Intents (LOIs)

  • All type of Research and Collaboration Agreements (e.g. CTAs, MTAs)

  • Services, Consultancy, License, Co-Promotion, Sponsorship and Distribution Agreements

  • Informed Consent Forms

  • Cease and Desist Letters

  • Power of Attorneys (POAs)

  • Board and Shareholders Meeting and Decision Minutes

Legal Advice & Strategy

  • Risk analysis of different projects

  • Evaluation of digital initiatives

  • Checks of communication and press releases

  • Review of promotional initiatives 

  • Competition issues analysis

  • Advice on Market-Access strategies 

  • Review of Patient Support Programs (PSPs) and Pre-Approval Access Programs (PAPs)

  • Advice on Post-Marketing Surveillance and Pharmacovigilance

Compliance & Trainings

  • Data privacy

  • Interaction with Healthcare Professionals, Patients, Patient Organizations and Government Officials 

  • Creation and review of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Guidelines, Codes of Ethics and Conduct

  • Creation and delivery of ad-hoc trainings 

  • Design and implementation of process improvement initiatives in the legal area


About BelliLS

We help your business managing its daily legal issues and successfully navigating the complex European regulatory landscape.

We aim at becoming your preferred legal partner and the first point of contact for your company's different legal needs.

We are there for you during your entire business life cycle: from the early research & development stage, through the product launch, the growth and to the maturity phases.

We provide you with an "in-house" approach, with flat-fee subscriptions possibilities, while maintaining a fully flexible and independent relationship.

About us
The Donaukanal (Danube Canal) of Vienna, Austria. Picture Style achieved with digital cros

Based in the heart of Europe

Why BelliLS

Why BelliLS?


We neither like to over-complicate things nor do we like to waste your time. We see a legal issue as a concrete problem where we are called to find the solution quickly and effectively. And we love to do exactly that. 


We believe that a direct, open and friendly style brings out the best in a business partnership, while elegance stays as part of our DNA. 


We can adapt very fast to different and evolving situations and needs. We can help you manage from the simplest to the most sophisticated legal matters


We utilize and communicate through the most modern tools. We believe that using the latest technology is essential to provide the best quality of services. As technology develops, we evolve too.


We have a deep and solid knowledge of the industry from the inside and we are constantly educating ourselves on legal developments as part of our profession. We understand your market and your challenges and we speak your language.


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